• We design, brand, engage with story and help to manage

  • We’re a small independent creative agency with a passion for brands.

  • Founded in 1990, Qurious has long been an innovator, continuously at the forefront of brand design andcommunication consulting

A strategic design agency working with brand identity, design and communication.

Design strategy

Design without a strategy is like communication without a message. We spend time with all our clients, understanding their operations, their approach, brands and direction.

We dig deep to understand the consumer's eye view, the sentiment behind the brand and the places in which it is active.

Planning is used to accelerate and focus projects, not to ad extra stages.

Developing an effective and enduring brand positioning isn’t about spin, it’s about telling the truth.

Brand Identity

Whether yours is a product or a corporate brand the success of a design system is built on the clarity of your brand. Good design is not about a glossy surface; it’s about communicating your real identity. Strong product or corporate brands have an inspiring and engaging identity.

Designed to differentiate, compel and sell :

  • Name development
  • Brand / Corporate Identity
  • Packaging design
  • Digital branding

Creating a brand’s visual world for use across all touch points.
We design futures for brands so that as times change they stay fresh and desirable.

Engage people

Every Brand wants to get noticed, create a visual exclamation mark, distinguishing you and delighting the customers. We bring the identity of your brand to life by creating the experiences your customers engage with.

On brand communications today works in many dimensions:

  • Corporate and brand literature
  • Exhibition, retail & branded environments
  • Internal branding
  • Multimedia and online design
  • In store communication & promotional merchandise

Organizing, customizing and streamlining to make simplified communications that influence the customer thoughts.

Brand Managing

We believe that the message, not the medium, should guide the creative work. We make Companies save time and money by avoiding every time to guess at how to design it. By defining your brand clearly from an implementation point of view.

Our services:

  • Brand manuals
  • Design guidelines
  • Brand communication management


Brand Architecture

Brands evolve, portfolios lose their definition, become incomprehensible and constrain renewal and growth. Define an architecture that enhance the positioning, stimulate growth and innovation.

Step 1 Examine…
How customers act/react to your products, how they organise and relate how they engage with its values and understand the claims

Step 2 Scrutinise…
What does the audience expect and need but moreover what do they want, what solution are they looking for.

Step 3 Understand
The framework that defines the brands purpose & promise. Define a more meaningful an logical structure of the assortment of products or services that engage your customers

Step 4 Organise
Create the solution story (drivers) on range and individual product level. Define how customers make their choice by communicating clearly the brands & products values.

Step 5 Engage
Through high quality content (information) that is valuable for the target audience, that attracts people to the brand (involvement) and engage them (emotional)

Brand Positioning

Create a clear and engaging brand platform for design, innovation and communication. Renew the intrigue and interest for your corporate or product brand.

Step 1 Analyse to look beyond the obvious
The changes in the market, developments, trends, attitudes,… Deconstruct the elements that truly define the brand and the experience

Step 2 Pinpoint where the brand works best
Which of your brand attributes matter. Reconstruct the brand purpose, promise, values and voice.

Step 3 Engage by eliminating all the clutter
Distil the essence of what is important, unique and compelling for the audience and the brand. Validate for comprehensibility, clarity, freshness and consistency.

Step 4 Design beautifully effective
A brand that stands out, that attracts attention, win loyalty,… that leads the way.  

New products & brand development

From big ideas to compelling reality. Innovating to increase the reach, grow the business and keep pace with the changing needs and lives of your customers.

Step 1 Search to uncover deeper insights
By observing people, find the difference in between what people say and do, discover feelings and perceptions…Exploring possibilities that maps out for transformation. 

Step 2 We think to inform and define
Combine strategic and creative insights and intelligence to create clarity and focus. We create displays and boards that convey ideas and implications 

Step 3 Generate brand voice
A brand that can make a difference. With purpose, emotional engaging, causing commotion, reflecting personality and creating an icon.

Step 4 Build in sustainability
Value creation today is streamlining planet, efficiency, reduction, responsibility,… with beauty, purpose, personality,…. Brand personality and superior functionality within a commercial reality.

Step 5 Design to engage…
Effective, originate & powerful design. Beautifully thought-trough.


Our story

We opened our doors in January 1991 named Marketing Design ltd near Brussels. We were two heads, two nationalities, two Mac Quadra computers and one heart for brands and design.

So we pioneered again. We opened a London studio specializing in creating poly sensual brand identities. With a multi-disciplinary team of top designers we created sound, environments and motions for brands.

We developed, evolved and maintained brand identities with an emphasis on consumer packaged goods. Our goal was to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client's brand and their audience through smart thinking and intelligent design.

We have won international awards both for creativity and effectiveness.

So we pioneered again. We opened a London studio specializing in creating poly sensual brand identities. With a multi-disciplinary team of top designers we created sound, environments and motions for brands.

We believed that engaging with the consumer needs a deeper level to create stronger emotional connections. Achieving that goal involves much more than moving the needle.

Brand communication alignment is a base for building a coherent strong brand.

We then created an integrated communication services platform for our clients. A group of specialists who guided from a strategic brand platform made that every communication and interaction with the customers ensured a clear, cohesive and consistent brand experience.

Over the years we've partnered with companies of all sizes and provided a wide range of services, from developing branding systems for successful start ups to designing global systems for established brands.

We learned over the years that to truly transform the customer experience you require envisioning the future. It is not just by making incremental improvements to communications and interactions that you change perceptions

Our founding principles still guide us today. We will always be collaborative, open and relaxed and first of all seek to do great work and enjoy life.

25 years we enjoyed what we did, had fun, liked meeting people and making friends along the way.

Our beliefs

We as designers always feel first then think!

Is decision-making / making a choice not emotionally driven? 

Psychologists, neuroscientists and social anthropologists agree that we are primarily emotional decision makers.

We Think differently

Appealing brands have a soul, a concept, an idea that’s different… and relevant to consumers. That’s what we look for.

We think “Design” should be into the DNA of the company/brand. To truly influence people’s purchase intent; emotion needs to sit right at the heart of your strategy. Design helps to make it visible and makes customers experience it. 

We think that design increases brand value and believe it reduces development costs

Collaborate, create, improve

We love to work close together with the clients to perceive and challenge the task along the way in order to get the best result in the end.

We aim to astonish & deliver. Our passion for customer engagement has led us to invent new ways for brands to connect with existing and new customers.

Craftsmanship & quality

Good design takes time and money? We believe that you get what you pay for and… what you wait for.

Designers are driven by the common goal of causing disruption in the market through truly creative and differentiated design and apply the same levels of crafting and expertise to create unique corporate & brand identities that are robust enough to stand the test of time.